A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game requires two players, a “Player” and a “Mastermind”

Player – Will use game controller

1. With game controller check out controls in the controls tab, when
done just press “A” to go back to main menu. Player will use game
controller to defeat enemies.
2. When ready to start press start and you will enter the game
3. The first round will have minimal bad guys to kill, you need to find
one of the two portals in valleys of the map.
Mastermind – Will use mouse

4. Once player enters one of the portals after each round, the
“Mastermind” menu will pop up. Now the Mastermind will select
the enemies for the player to face the next round. Mastermind
must use mouse to select enemies.
5. Mastermind will get more points to select more units the more
rounds the player wins. You can increment and decrement units.


Chillenium.zip 104 MB